Nevertheless actor Kim Min-gwi allegedly embroiled in cheating scandal, ex-girlfriend claims he was abusive

Actor Kim Min-gwi, who is currently a member of the cast of the hit show Nevertheless, became embroiled in controversy after a post about an “actor A” went viral online.

A post in an online community by a person who claimed to be Actor A’s girlfriend accused the Nevertheless, actor of cheating on her multiple times.

Why do citizens believe that the anonymous post about Nevertheless actor was about Kim Min-gwi?

The individual did not name Kim Min-gwi in her post, however, she had mentioned that she was worried when he had tested postitive for COVID 19 recently. She had also mentioned that the actor was a member of the Nevertheless cast.

Netizens concluded that the actor in question must be none other than Kim Min-gwi, who was reported to have contracted COVID-19 in May. The netizen claims he broke safety protocols to meet the girl he had been cheating on his girlfriend with.

Kim Min-gwi received a fair bit of attention for portraying the role of a lover who is strung along by a girl uninterested in commitments. Compared to other characters in the show, he is conservative and also relatable. So it is ironic that he would be accused of cheating on his girlfriend multiple times.

The anonymous accuser also claimed that the sudden fame he got due to this role has gone to his head.

She wrote:

Aren’t you scamming the public now that you are getting love for your conservative and reliable image, which is the opposite of what you really are? When I asked you if it was okay for people to learn about your bad behavior, and that it could affect your acting career, you just said that it was our relationship and told me to do whatever I’d like to.

What exactly did the anonymous accuser say about the Nevertheless, actor who is believed to be Kim Min-gwi?

The writer added:

I wonder if the people who read this will feel the same way, knowing your nature and personality, or whether they’ll see you as the person on TV.

This individual who accused actor A of cheating on her also claimed that it was really hard for her to see him appear on TV every week, as it reminded her of their relationship.

She then added:

“The true nature of an actor from drama ‘N_v_rth_l_ss’ is revealed. You keep appearing on television, and you repeatedly upload photos on Instagram, but I wish that everyone knew that you were a selfish, non-human, bad piece of trash.”

The post was uploaded online on July 24th. The person claims they dated this actor for about six years. In addition to accusations of cheating, actor A also allegedly verbally abused his ex-girlfriend.

Speaking of how actor A had broken COVID-19 safety protocols and snuck out instead of quarantining, this anonymous user said:

I was worried about you when you tested positive for COVID-19, but later, it turned out that you were seeing someone behind my back, and even when you started self-quarantine, you snuck out at dawn to meet her,

Addressing the accusations against Nevertheless actor Kim Min-gwi, his agency Big Picture Entertainment promised to look into the claims made online to check the veracity.

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