New fishing system and fishing rod revealed

Following recent leaks, Genshin Impact will add a new fishing system in version 2.1. The only way to obtain fish is to pass over them in the water and collect them, sometimes using Electro or Cryo on them beforehand. But, if recent leaks come true, Travelers will soon hold their own fishing rods.

Genshin Impact may add fishing points for different species in version 2.1

Leaks predict fishing will be a new feature in version 2.1 of Genshin Impact. Moreover, the expected tutorial slides are also leaked, giving better detail on this upcoming system.

If the fishing system is implemented in Genshin Impact as predicted, players will be able to use this new feature at different fishing points. These spots should be marked by noticeable ripples in the water. Fishing points will be home to specific species, depending on the body of water.

Each fish should have its preferred bait, and it seems that different fishing rods are suitable for catching different fish. Not much is known about the different rods. However, one rod, the Moonstringer, has already had its design leaked.

Some fish, rumored to be called “Ornamental Fish” are more prized fish among their species. Their fishing spots will have even more noticeable ripples in the water. Also, Ornamental Fish will be grown in the Serenitea Pot once players get the blueprint and craft a fish pond.

Leaked Ornamental Fish preview (image via Honey Impact)
Leaked Ornamental Fish preview (image via Honey Impact)

When a fish is reeled in, players can trade them in at Fishing Associations. Based on the leaked image, it seems the fish will only be traded for the current fish item that players are already familiar with. It’s still unclear whether the actual fish items will vary, or whether recipes will call for different types of fish.

How to use the fishing rod in Genshin Impact

Catching fish in Genshin Impact (image via Honey Impact)
Catching fish in Genshin Impact (image via Honey Impact)

Based on the leaks, players will hold a button to aim and cast their fishing rods. Placing the bait too far away may not get the fish’s attention, but at the same time, placing it too close may scare off some fish species.

Once a fish is on the bait, players should press a button to raise their hook. The fish will then begin to struggle to break free. Here, players must monitor the tension bar to keep it within ideal range. By staying at an ideal tension, progress will accumulate and the fish will be caught.

Battling with a struggling fish in Genshin Impact (image via Honey Impact)
Battling with a struggling fish in Genshin Impact (image via Honey Impact)

Fishing training may appear as hidden trials in Genshin Impact

In tandem with the upcoming fishing system, leaks predict Genshin Impact 2.1 to implement “Lunar Realm: Special Fishing Training.” In this little side-event, the Traveler is expected to help a fisherwoman catch a legendary fish.

To help her achieve this goal, the Traveler will train their fishing skills in several trials. Performance will be graded here, meaning good scores lead to better rewards.

Apart from trial rewards, Lunar Realm may be a good way to farm fish in Genshin Impact. Leaks suggest players can farm up to 50 fish from these training sessions every day, which should be enough to cook a good number of meals.

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