New Flash tips and tricks for all Valorant agents

In Valorant, flashes are one of the best techniques to blind enemies and initiate a push against them.

Flash is one of the most common abilities that most of the Valorant agents have, including Pheonix, Yoru, KAY/O, Breach, and Skye. However, other Valorant agents’ abilities like, Reyna’s Leer and Omen’s Paranoia ability have a similar effect on the enemies, but technically they are not flashes.

Among all the abilities in Valorant, flashes are the best way to briefly disable enemy vision and knock them down. This makes it hard for the enemies to aim right.

One needs to know the tactics to flash the enemies, else they might get themselves blinded along with the teammates. Thus, Valorant players need to be aware of the tips and tricks to avoid putting the team in a risky position, by blinding them too.

Tips and tricks to use flash in Valorant

#5 – Communicate with the team

Valorant is all about team play and communication is one of the ways for better cooperation. Hence, a lack of cooperation among teammates gets them flashed.

It is better for the players to cooperate and act accordingly. Else, sometimes the teammates remain unaware of other’s plans. This might get them blinded along with the opponents, and put them in a risky situation.

Thus, proper communication and letting teammates know about the plan can save them from getting flashed.

#4 – Flash below or above to avoid blinding oneself

One of the best ways to use flash in Valorant is by throwing it on the ground or above. This slightly flashes the players, however, the enemies will be completely blinded.

As the flash goes behind the back, it doesn’t have much effect on the player. However, the enemies who are looking at the flash, and facing against the player would get blinded.

#3 – Flash behind or turn away to reduce its effect

Flashing behind or turning away from the flash can reduce the effect on the players. This is a tactic commonly used by many professional players while encountering enemies.

When the player flashes behind or turns away from the flash, there is a lesser effect. However, the enemies get completely blinded. The players get the right opportunity to take a quick peek and knock them out.

#2 – Use walls to make the flash bounce and blind the enemies on the other side

If the enemies are on the other side of the wall, players can try to make the flash bounce. This will blind the enemies on the other side, and the allies can take an easy peek and kill them.

This is an easy way to make space for the team to rush against the enemies. Players can also take a quick peek by eliminating the risk of encouraging a fight.

#1 – Follow up with a second flash

Most of the agents in Valorant with flash abilities have two of them. Thus, one of the best techniques to make use of flashes is to gather information. One can do this by using two flashes.

When the first flash is used, the enemies space out and take time to react. Meanwhile, the player can peek and spot the position of the enemies, Then the player can take advantage of the situation by using the second flash.

When another flash is used, they can easily take a peek and kill the opponent.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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