Nintendo Switch sets Among Us free for a week

Among Us will be free on Nintendo Switch from July 21-27, Nintendo announced Monday. The game will be available as a trial through Nintendo’s Game Trial program for Nintendo Switch Online members.

The breakout social deception game, which was released in 2018 but blew up in 2020, was released on Nintendo Switch in 2020, after previously being available on mobile devices and Windows PC. It’s a game that’s free-to-play on iOS and Android phones, with a price of $5 on other platforms. From July 21-Aug. 1, Among Us will cost 30% less — $3.50 — for people that don’t yet have the game on Switch.

Nintendo Switch Online is Nintendo’s online access membership that costs $20 a year; it’s necessary for players that want to access games’ online features. Part of the program is the Game Trials incentive, which gives people access to a full version of a game for a short time. It’s certainly not the greatest deal in gaming, but could be a nice perk if you, for some reason, haven’t tried out Among Us yet.

Developer Inner Sloth has harnessed Among Us’ 2020 success to update and adjust the base game. New features are being added pretty consistently, with new maps, roles, crewmate colors, and modes on the way. Among Us has remained popular since 2020, and the new roles could be the sort of refresh needed to change up the game’s dynamic throughout 2021.

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