North Korea launches missiles, but U.S. still wants to talk

North Korea launches missiles, but U.S. still wants to talk

North Korea carried out trials of its short-range missile system previous weekend in pursuit of a meeting between China and the US; as the Biden admin goes on to push a diplomatic talk with Pyongyang, informed two senior admin officials on Tuesday.

Both the officials tried to downplay the missile test implications, telling the media reporters the admin doesn’t consider the trials as a key provocation and views them as a normal military program for North Korea. These short-range missiles that were used previous weekend aren’t banned under the United Nations Security Council resolutions, said the officials, who didn’t disclose any further information citing intelligence concern.

The experts from North Korea said that the evidence indicates to cruise the missiles that are fired from the west coast of North Korea. The two officials went on to say that the trials wouldn’t close the door to future discussion with North Korea and that the admin’s plan to deal with Kim Jong Un regime would revolve around the consultations held with partners and allies in the area, especially South Korea and Japan.

On that end, Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser will host his South Korean and Japanese counterparts at Washington the following week, said the officials.

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