“Not everyone would welcome him”

There have been plenty of rumors over the years about WWE working together with UFC fighter Conor McGregor, but former WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E isn’t too sure about the idea.

Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling recently sat down with Big E to discuss all things WWE. When the subject of Conor McGregor and his potential crossover appeal with WWE came up, Big E believes that McGregor will stay in the UFC and not make the journey over to WWE.

“I assume that Conor will continue to fight in the UFC,” Big E said. “As far as his ability to crossover, I will never roll my eyes or be angry at a celebrity or an athlete from another sport getting opportunities in WWE. I don’t run this company and wasting any time or energy about who’s brought in or who’s hired… it’s a waste. As far as his crossover ability, if you ask your neighbor who this is, there’s a good chance they’re gonna know Conor McGregor, so yeah, I would never have a problem with that. Not everyone would welcome him or feel the same, but he’s extremely entertaining, and I think if he did come to WWE, I think he would get a lot of attention.”

Big E worries about Conor McGregor bringing his legal problems with him to WWE

While Big E thinks Conor McGregor would do well in WWE and would be worth the company’s investment, he isn’t sure that he wants The Notorious One to bring his past legal issues with him into the WWE locker room.

“I think he would be worth the investment,” Big E continued. “I would not have a problem with it. Am I necessarily going to be beating the drum for him to come over? No, I’m not. I’m not necessarily thrilled, you know. It wouldn’t bother me at all. It probably would have a lot of positives, so yeah, if it’s something that he wanted to do, thumbs up, I suppose… For me, I guess the only stuff that bothers me, and it’s not my position to really judge him, but it’s the legal stuff. I take some pride in when I look around our locker room, and I’m not saying things are perfect, but I want to be in a locker room with people who are good people who obey the law.”

Would you like to see Conor McGregor in WWE? Or would you have the same hesitations that Big E has? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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