NYC man charged in anti-Asian attack wails at court hearing

A Manhattan man facing hate crime charges for allegedly pummeling an Asian man and biting off the tip of his finger had repeated outbursts in court Friday — even as the judge and his own defense attorney advised him to remain silent.

Lloyd Revell, 38, pleaded not guilty during a video hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court to an indictment charging him with two counts of assault as a hate crime for the May 18 attack in Hell’s Kitchen.

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Sarah Marquez said that Revell twice told the victim, an Asian man in his 40s, to “Go back to your country.”

Revell then proceeded to punch the victim, tackle him to the ground and bite “off the tip of the victim’s middle finger leaving the bone fully exposed,” Marquez said.

Throughout the hearing, Revell blurted out numerous times, “I want to talk, I want to talk.”

“I never said go back to your country!,” he insisted.

Justice Laura Ward warned Revell that anything he said could be used against him at trial.

Lloyd Revell kept interrupting Justice Laura Ward during his video hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.
Lloyd Revell kept interrupting Justice Laura Ward during his video hearing in Manhattan Supreme Court.
Steven Hirsch

But Revell chimed in again in response to Marquez explaining they had surveillance video as well as a bystander’s cell phone video from the assault.

“There is no audio or video there,” Revell claimed.

The judge then jumped in, telling Revell, “Okay. Thank you, sir.”

“By pleading not guilty you already said that you didn’t do these things and now when you made statements unfortunately you’ve placed yourself at the location,” Ward said.

An agitated Revell began to respond to the judge — but his criminal defense lawyer Jennifer Hose cut him off and said, “I’d advise you to remain silent going forward.”

Marquez asked to continue bail for Revell — which is set at $25,000 according to court records — noting that he has two prior convictions from 2015 for attempted assault and rape.

Lloyd Revell captured on surveillance video
Lloyd Revell allegedly assaulted and spewed racism at an Asian man in Hell’s Kitchen on May 18, 2021.

Again Revell interjected, “I am not a rapist!” and “I’ll never trust the government again!”

Revell remains in custody as his lawyer did not seek to change the bail conditions.


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