NYC tenant who found human bone in closet thought it was a prop

The tenant who discovered a human leg bone inside the closet of a home in a ritzy Queens neighborhood thought the trick was on him — and that it was a Halloween prop, he told The Post on Friday.

Haider Khan said he was moving from one room to another at the Jamaica Estates house he has been renting for less than two months when he made the startling discovery late Thursday.

“I was checking the closest to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind, and I was checking the dividers between those shelves [in the closet], and there’s a gap in the wall where there’s a divider,” the 23-year-old man said.

Khan said he thought the yellow-brownish item could have been a variety of things — but didn’t believe it was a real human bone.

“At first I thought it was a Halloween prop,” he said. “My reaction was to throw it away. It looked like a rolling pin. But then I called the police.”

Khan said he also considered that the object was just a piece of wood or even a medical prop.

Khan said he asked his landlord — who also lives in the newly purchased Edgerton Boulevard home — about the strange find.

The landlord, “said the house was owned by surgeons and it might be a prop,” Khan recalled. “I said, ‘It probably is fake.’

The intersection of Edgerton Blvd and Henley Road in Jamaica Estates.
The previous owners were surgeons, which could be why the bone was in the home.
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“But when I took a second look, I said, ‘There’s no way this is a replica — it’s too strong, it’s too realistic.’ ”

When police arrived after midnight, they thought it might be a twig, Khan said.

The cops “weren’t really taking it that seriously,” Khan said. “I don’t blame them — it’s like the most simplest answer is usually the right answer.”

But then Khan got a call in the morning from homicide detectives to ask him more questions, he said.

The police handed the bone off to the city Medical Examiner’s Office, which determined it was a human fibula, cops said.

“I wasn’t scared — I just felt surprised,” Khan said. “It’s a bone. What’s it doing here!?”

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