Out-there woman says she’s in love with alien

She’s hot for a sextra-terrestrial encounter.

In a scenario too outlandish for even “Men In Black,” a UK woman claimed that she is dating an alien that abducted her after she became sick of humans. Now, she wants to normalize interspecies relationships.

“He doesn’t want me just for sex and won’t lie to me like many men on Earth,” London actress Abbie Bela told Caters News Agency of her alleged super-long-distance relationship, which she frequently posts about to her Instagram page.

The 30-something Bela’s intergalactic romance reportedly began after she joked online one day that she wanted an alien to abduct her because she was “bored of the pandemic.”

Before you could say “E.T. phone home,” the wish upon a star allegedly came true for Bela, who claimed, “On May 31, a voice in my dream said, ‘Wait in the usual spot.’

“Although I had never heard the voice before, I knew what he meant,” said the intergalactic gal-pal, who decided to wait by her window the next evening.

After the apparently sex-starved stargazer drifted off to sleep, “a flying saucer” appeared outside her window at around 12:15 a.m., whereupon a “bright green beam” transported her up to the UFO, she alleged.

Once aboard, Bela said she encountered five aliens, which had “very tall and slender” human-esque forms.

“I couldn’t see them clearly and [they] telepathically said I’m not ready to see them in their true form,” she claimed. “But from what I could see, they had a slight green hue and big black eyes with human features, such as eyebrows.”

Bela drew a picture of her interstellar suitor
Bela drew a picture of her interstellar suitor.

The awestruck alleged abductee was initially worried that she would be stuck on the spaceship permanently, but after a few seconds realized “it was all about love,” she gushed.

“There was one who connected with me and expressed his feelings,” said Bela of her interstellar suitor. “I didn’t get his name but I felt the exact same.”

She added, “It felt like being in love times 100.”

And while supposedly claiming that dating a human was taboo, her interplanetary paramour was “willing to give it a go,” per her outlandish testimony.

Abbie Bela claims she's dating an alien.
Abbie Bela looks to the sky for another hookup with her interplanetary paramour.

However, Bela alleged that she declined Alf’s invitation to stay for fear of being imprisoned and, after 20 minutes, was returned safely home.

While it appears that her alien acquaintance may be off-planet, they’re not necessarily stuck in the friend zone.

“I hope he comes back, and I am willing to visit the Andromeda galaxy, which is where he lives,” said the heartsick space cadet, who keeps an overnight bag by her window in the event that her “lover” returns for some nebular nookie.

Go figure: online gawkers apparently found Bela’s interstellar “Shape of Water” story hard to swallow.

Bela said she waits by her window with a packed suitcase in the event that her alien lover returns.
Bela said she waits by her window with a packed suitcase in the event that her alien lover returns.

“People have said I’m wrong to think about having sex with an alien,” lamented the flustered martian lover. “Some have dismissed what I am saying whilst most people are angry about the dating part.”

However, Bela insisted that she isn’t seeing stars. The martian worshipper claimed that the practice is only controversial for those “who haven’t considered interspecies dating,” which she said has been unfairly stigmatized just like interracial relationships were in the past.

Bela, for one, welcomes a sextraterrestrial encounter. She feels aliens provide that “extra quality of care” not offered by mortal men, who, with some exceptions, “tell lies and have double standards.

“I think aliens are vilified but they aren’t bad,” Bela added.

Bela's depiction of her other-worldly significant other.
Bela’s depiction of her otherworldly significant other.

In accordance, the devout alien ogler said she plans to be one of the first couples to “normalize” interplanetary hookups, which she sees as the next phase of “human development.”

Despite her desire for space sex, Bela doubts that E.T. will phone her home.

“I don’t think he will be able to visit Earth, as the government might take him and use him as an experiment,” she said.

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