‘The Talk’ co-host Sheryl Underwood upstaged by cockroach

'The Talk' co-host Sheryl Underwood upstaged by cockroach

“The Talk” had an uninvited, less-than-special guest this week. Co-host Sheryl Underwood was recently robbed of her on-camera thunder when a colossal cockroach crawled into her shot during a live broadcast.  The six-legged space invader made its tickling television debut Monday, as the comedian turned daytime talk show dynamo launched into a segment about a … Read more

Peruvian Officials More Than Double COVID Death Toll, Saying They Undercounted

On Monday, the government officials in Peru said the nation’s official coronavirus death toll had been lower than actual figures. As per the previously reported government number, around 69,342 Peruvians passed away due to coronavirus as on 22 May, but now, it’s been reported that over 180,000 Peruvians have perished from the virus. The officials … Read more

Covid sent Australia’s carbon emissions plummeting in 2020 to lowest levels in 30 years

The emissions of greenhouse gas in Australia dropped the previous year to a level that was not observed in over 30 years mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic that suspended burning of fossil fuel in transport sector as well as lowered economic activity. The new government data issued on Monday reveals the sectors where the … Read more