Paige Spiranac asks which is worse: Nutsack or cleavage?

Paige Spiranac doesn’t want to hear any backlash about her cleavage after this… bizarre sighting.

“I just watched a dude run with his nut sack out for 3000m in the NCAA championship,” the golf star tweeted last Friday, warning, “I don’t want anyone complaining about my cleavage anymore.”

The social media sensation is often on the receiving end of lewd comments about her flashy and revealing style on and off the green.

Spiranac was watching the heats of the men’s 3000m steeplechase race at the NCAA Championship in Eugene, Oregon on Friday night when she spotted BYU athlete Garrett Marsing‘s unmentionables in his “short shorts.”

She followed up with: “He came in 4th. I blame the balls.”

Spiranac recalled the “funny” moment a few days later on her Playing A Round podcast in an episode titled, “Nuts Out.”

“So I look down and I’m figure out, his nutsack is dangling in the wind. It’s just hanging there, flapping back and forth,” she recalled.

“It’s funny, but then I thought about it, because guys will always tell me to cover up and that there’s no equivalent of guys being exposed or trying to show things off and that’s made me laugh so hard.

“Could you imagine if a girl was running and her tit popped out?” Spiranac asked. “That would be all over social media. It would’ve literally been everywhere and this guy’s ball sack is just hanging out and no one said anything about it. I was also thinking… all of the comments would be like, ‘What is she wearing?’”

Spiranac called the situation a “double standard,” adding that she “sees it all the time.”

In other news, Spiranac is attending this week’s U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, where she’s excited to reveal her event look.

“The first round of the US Open starts tomorrow and I’m so excited,” she tweeted Wednesday.

“It’s my first time going. I set my outfit, have everything ready, and probably won’t sleep. Feels like the first day of school but 100 times better.”

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