Paul Wight discusses AEW talent working in Chicago

AEW will be present at the United Center in Chicago in what promises to be an enthralling week of wrestling. Paul Wight believes a lot of the AEW roster will experience something unforgettable when they work in Chicago.

Wight recently sat down with WrestleZone for an interview and explained what it is like to work in a place like Chicago, known to be a great venue for wrestling. The AEW Dark: Elevation commentator said the crowd’s energy brings out a level of performance that wrestlers aren’t even aware of.

“This is an incredible opportunity for AEW as a company but it’s also an incredible opportunity for the talent,” Wight said. “I think the show’s sold out in under five minutes which is pretty freaking incredible no matter what brand or platform you’re running. Having experienced wrestling all over the world, every area, every city, almost every place you wrestle there are gonna be things that are different.

“That being said, only thing you can do is have a real understanding of what your storyline is that you’re putting together for your match, who your character is and understand that the crowd is going to bring out a part of your performance that you’re not even aware of.”

The World’s Largest Athlete went on to say that a legendary place like Chicago brings about energy and hype that is not seen anywhere else. He stated being on an AEW card for a show at the United Center will be an unforgettable moment for AEW’s young roster.

“You’re gonna feel that anticipation when your music is playing before you walk down the ramp,” he added. “There’s an energy and a hype that comes with working in these legendary cities like Chicago, New York, LA. This is an incredible experience a lot of our talent is yet to experience. A crowd of that magnitude.

“Those are the kind of experiences that you take to the talent and there’s not a single instance which is going to stand out. Over years of experience, all those situations add up. To have the opportunity to work in the United Center on an AEW card, this is gonna be one of those moments they are never gonna forget.”

AEW Rampage at the United Center sold out in minutes

AEW Rampage: The First Dance sold out in a matter of minutes when tickets were made live. The show will take place on August 20, 2021 at the United Center in Chicago.

Chicago also happens to be the hometown of one CM Punk who has been heavily teased to join AEW. The anticipation of his debut probably played the biggest role in selling out an arena that isn’t very easy to sell out.

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