Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin call it quits

Paulina Porizkova announces breakup from Aaron Sorkin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova announces breakup from Aaron Sorkin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Paulina Porizkova and Aaron Sorkin have called it quits.

The 56-year-old model and actress took to her Instagram on Tuesday to share the news of her breakup from the writer-director, writing, “it doesn’t matter how much we may wish we were birds of a feather – we’re still a duck and a goose.”

The post featured a photo of the pair with a broken heart emoji. “I’m so grateful for his presence in my life. He helped heal me and reclaim myself. There truly may be no better man, no man who’s more genuinely ‘good’. He’s brilliant and witty and funny and sexy,” her caption read. “As unfiltered as I usually am, this involves someone else’s privacy- so this is all I’ll ever say on the subject.”

Porizkova and Sorkin made their debut as a couple back in April when they arrived on the Oscars red carpet together. The public appearance was Porizkova’s first with a new man since the death of her ex-husband Ric Ocasek.

“I was just 19 when Ric and I became a couple,” Porizkova told Yahoo Life about re-entering the dating scene. “Being out there dating again, what I’m realizing is that I’m not very good at it.”

She continued, “I don’t think I would rule out getting married again because in spite of it all, I’m a totally hopeless romantic and I believe in love. And I believe in finding that one person out there that is right for me and that I’m right for and spending the rest of my life with them.”

And while Sorkin might not have been Porizkova’s person, the model seems hopeful for her future. She also received love and support from people in her comments.

“Although this relationship may not have worked out, it looks like it was a wonderful experience,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Glad it was a good experience overall. We learn something from every relationship. All the best to you both.”

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