Penn. town tells ‘Mare of Easttown’ fans to stay away

It must be something in the wooder.

Local police have had enough of pesky “Mare of Easttown” fans visiting Wallingford, Pa. to catch a glimpse of filming locations from the hit HBO series – bothering residents and going onto private properties.

“Yes! It’s neat they filmed a lot of it in our town,” Nether Providence Police wrote in a Facebook post. “Yes!! It’s really cool Kate was ‘living in Wallingford.’”

“No!!!!! It’s NOT cool to go to the homes they filmed at, trespass on the property and harass the owners and their kids all hours of the day and night…..REALLY!,” the post went on.

“It’s a house. Get over it.”

A favorite spot for gawkers is the home that served as the exterior to the house where Mare (Kate Winslet) lived, with the real-life homeowner telling a local station someone even looked into her front window.

“Supposedly, I can only guess to see if it’s the same as where they filmed the show,” the homeowner told WPVI.

Tourists have been coming to Wallingford, Pennsylvania to check out where Nicole Kidman's character lived.
Tourists have been coming to Wallingford, Pennsylvania to check out where Nicole Kidman’s character lived.

And one person taking pics out front snapped at the homeowner with foul language when the paparazzo was asked to ease up while kids played in the yard, the station reported. One of the kids – a little girl – is afraid to go outside, the homeowner said.

“She’s afraid to play and it’s become a concern to us because it’s concerning to her,” she said.

Police are now giving notice to visitors that signs are posted and “warnings will not be given” for infractions like trespassing, blocking traffic or disturbing the peace

“If you plan on taking this trip, STOP and think!” the department said in its post. “Officers will be in and around the area(s) and will take appropriate action.”

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