Peruvian Officials More Than Double COVID Death Toll, Saying They Undercounted

On Monday, the government officials in Peru said the nation’s official coronavirus death toll had been lower than actual figures. As per the previously reported government number, around 69,342 Peruvians passed away due to coronavirus as on 22 May, but now, it’s been reported that over 180,000 Peruvians have perished from the virus.

The officials have blamed that the undercounting due to lack of coronavirus testing made it challenging to confirm if a person died because of coronavirus or other disease, reports Reuters. The latest number means Peru now has the highest death toll rate worldwide.

Meanwhile, the US continues to observe a decline in coronavirus cases with rise in vaccination rates. However, in Peru, Argentina, Brazil and several other nations in Latin America, the health and government officials are struggling to stop the virus from spreading.

The Argentinian officials on Monday reported that county had witnessed 3.7mn confirmed cases of coronavirus, with over 77,000 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic, as per the information from WHO, the infection level in Argentina has resulted in Copa America organizers to search for another country to host the tournament.

The tournament was initially set to be conducted by Colombia and Argentina.

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