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Plus-size women embrace ‘Big Girl Summer’ in viral TikTok trend

Plus-size women embrace 'Big Girl Summer' in viral TikTok trend

Plus-size women are “feeling good as hell” after Lizzo declared that “Big Girl Summer has officially begun.”

In an Instagram post, she asks, “Where my big girls at?” and the internet responded.

TikTok user @mrsbosin went viral earlier this month when she posted a video sharing what she used to wear to the beach compared to what she wears now.

The original video has been viewed over 4 million times and gathered 956,000 likes since it was posted on June 7, sparking an online trend as other women have followed suit.

In the video, Randi Bosin transitions from the frumpy form-hiding clothing she used to wear to the beach and pool most of her adult life into a black high-waisted bikini paired with a patterned kimono and stylish beige sandals.

She captioned the video, “I’m a damn Queen and so are you put the suit on babe!” She explained that she “was ashamed because society says big isn’t beautiful” but that she’ll “never be ashamed.”

The 36-year-old mother of two from Wisconsin, who is affiliated with Closet Candy Boutique, often posts TikTok videos styling her plus-sized clothes and empowering other women to love their bodies. Following Bosin’s video, other TikTok users have taken to the app to share the transitions of their beach and pool wear.

The trend was originally started by user @pressedbysativa, who posted a video back in May. Her video reads, “I was super self-conscious to get out of the water/pool in front of anyone. I was not comfortable EVER. And I was always getting pointed at anyways,” she says, as she models a gray baggy outfit with no makeup and her hair in a bun.

She then changes into a bright rainbow bikini with a face full of makeup and her long hair styled, saying: “I will NEVER wear basketball shorts and a big T to the pool/beach again.”

Plenty of other women have posted videos modeling their voluptuous bikini bodies including @jassisspicey, @itsjustjocelynk and @jaci_dayne, who have all joined in on the fun summer trend.

Body positivity advocate @jassisspicey joined in on the viral TikTok trend
Body positivity advocate @jassisspicey joined in on the viral TikTok trend.

Speaking about her viral video, Bosin told Insider: “I was in a bad place 10 years ago after having two babies. I was not amused by my body, my lack of motivation and metabolism.”

“But I always tell people that the self-love journey is long and it’s never-ending. I’m not always confident every single day, but I’m still here.”

Her video has connected her to people who say they found her at just the right time because they were ready to “give up on life.”

“I just wanted to inspire women to wear bikinis and now I’m just inspiring women to live their lives essentially,” Bosin explained.

For her own inspiration, Bosin looks to the officiant of “Big Girl Summer”: Lizzo.

“Her music is so much about self-love and self-worth,” Bosin said.

“She’s my hype station. I tell all the girls following me you got to get up in the morning and you got to hype yourself up. You have to talk to yourself and tell yourself you’re amazing and that you’re beautiful. Because once you start to tell yourself those things and believe them, they just become second nature.”

But even inspiring body positivity advocates like Lizzo are criticized for their weight and confidence. Jillian Michaels recently doubled down on her previous statements regarding Lizzo’s weight.

According to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, it is possible to be overweight and still be healthy, but being overweight is a precursor to obesity and can increase the risk of diabetes, heart attack and stroke.

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