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Pokemon GO: Top 3 underrated Fire-types

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When being compared to Pokemon legends like Ho-oh and Charizard, it’s easy for other Fire-types to be overlooked.

Throughout all generations of Pokemon, Fire-types typically are known for being offensive juggernauts. Any Pokemon with a high Attack stat that can dish out Overheats and Flamethrowers is going to be a threat.

As of recently in Pokemon GO, though, the attention has been shifted to the legendary Fire-types, including Ho-oh, Entei and Moltres. While these Pokemon are fantastic, there are a handful of other Fire-types that can still work in PvP modes, albeit not as consistently.

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What are some underrated Fire-type Pokemon that can still do well in battle?

#3 – Flareon

It’s not everyday that an Eeveelution goes overlooked. Flareon, however, has offensive capabilities that rival that of some of the stronger Fire-types. 246 Attack is just one point under Magmortar. The big advantage Flareon has, though, is access to both Fire Spin and Overheat – two of the best Fire-type moves. Flareon doesn’t have a nice coverage move to pair with this, but it’s still a potent Fire-type attacker.

#2 – Typhlosion

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

This starter from the Johto region isn’t really put into the same tier as other Fire-type starters (Charizard, Blaziken, Infernaple, etc.). In Pokemon GO, though, Typholosion actually has a very competitive moveset. Ember is a fairly reliable quick move, although Incinerate can be run by trainers who just want the damage output. Typhlosion also gets Blast Burn, though, and any Fire-type with this move is worth using. If Typhlosion can charge up a Solarbeam, it can surprise KO a Swampert or Gastrodon.

#1 – Chandelure

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company

This Pokemon, in both main series and in Pokemon GO, always boasts strong Attack. It’s 271 Attack stat is higher than even Darmanitan. Ghost and Fire is also a phenomenal type combination that very few Pokemon are going to resist. Chandelure does get access to the Fire Spin/Overheat combo, but what makes it so much better is adding Shadow Ball onto the moveset. It can rely on Shadow Ball for consistent damage, or simply nuke challengers with Overheat.

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