Reetinder Sodhi feels Ravi Shastri cannot be removed as Team India’s head coach if they win the T20 World Cup

Reetinder Singh Sodhi has opined that Ravi Shastri will definitely continue as Team India’s head coach if the Virat Kohli-led side wins the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Speculations are doing the rounds that Ravi Shastri could face the axe as Team India’s head coach, irrespective of the results at the T20 World Cup.

During a discussion on India News, Reetinder Sodhi pointed out that a triumphant run at the T20 World Cup for Team India will ensure that Ravi Shastri continues to hold on to his job. He said:

“This is speculative for sure. It will be very harsh to say that Ravi has not performed well. He has done quite well but if the parameter is winning trophies, we have not done that. But if the Indian team wins the T20 World Cup, it will be impossible to remove Ravi Shastri.”

However, the former India all-rounder acknowledged that pressure is mounting on Ravi Shastri. Sodhi elaborated:

“He has done a decent job earlier as well and winning the trophy, something we have been waiting for, I think the purpose will be filled. But end of the day, the way Rahul bhai has gone to Sri Lanka as a coach and the board rejected the proposal of two additional batsmen, you get a somewhat different signal. If you ask me, there is pressure on Ravi bhai.”

Reetinder Sodhi suggested that Ravi Shastri should continue to be Team India’s head coach even if they fail to win the T20 World Cup.

“Ravi Shastri has done a commendable job in the last two years” – Saba Karim

Ravi Shastri drew plenty of plaudits the way he managed the Indian team in Australia
Ravi Shastri drew plenty of plaudits the way he managed the Indian team in Australia

Saba Karim highlighted that Ravi Shastri has done a praiseworthy job since his contract was renewed after the 2019 ODI World Cup. He said:

“In the last two years, there has been only one ICC championship, i.e. the World Test Championship. The T20 World Cup which was supposed to happen last year, did not happen. I feel Ravi Shastri has done a commendable job in the last two years.”

While acknowledging that Team India might not have been able to win the World Test Championship final, the former wicketkeeper-batsman lauded their overall performance under Ravi Shastri.

“I agree India should have won the Test Championship, which they were unable to do. India has done quite well in bilateral series, we have been the No.1 Test team. As a unit, the team has performed well, it is a different thing if you see the World Test Championship as a big failure.”

Ravi Shastri has certainly instilled a fighting spirit in the Indian team, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy being a case in point. However, the former Indian all-rounder has also at times earned the wrath of a few past players and cricket experts for his tall claims.

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