Release date, where to buy, accessories, cost and everything you need to know 

YouTuber Jeffree Star announced the release of his new Mystery Boxes on Instagram. The make-up mogul included products from his latest summer collection. Jeffree has been known to sell several mystery boxes which sell out in minutes.

Mystery boxes are fan favorites, containing exclusive and unreleased products and gifts.

Here is everything you need to know about the latest mystery boxes.

Where to buy Jeffree Star’s mystery boxes and when will they be released?

Jeffree Star Cosmetics, best known for their lipsticks and pigmented eye shadows, will be dropping their fan favorite mystery boxes on, on Friday, July 9th at 10AM PST/ 1PM EST.

The latest collection includes four different mystery boxes including – Premium, Deluxe, Mini and Supreme. All the mystery boxes have the unreleased #StarRanch Palette among other new items.

In the Instagram video, Jeffree Star also revealed the Jeffree Star Pink Ticket Giveaway. One can enter the giveaway when they find the pink metal ticket in their mystery box. Fans can also subscribe to his mailing list on the giveaway tab at, which is free to enter.

What are the prices of the giveaway boxes?

The prices of the boxes are as follows:

· Mini – $25 ($64 Value)

· Premium – $60 ($115 Value)

· Delux – $100 ($183 Value)

· Supreme – $180 ($323 Value)

What are the exclusive products available in the giveaway boxes?

Jeffree Star revealed that there is one exclusive liquid lipstick in his mini mystery box which the YouTuber has never released before and will never make again.

In the Premium, Deluxe and Supreme mystery boxes, fans can find the mini unreleased eyeshadow palette – Star Ranch. The make-up guru claims that the palette is exciting but something which fans can wear on a regular basis.

The Deluxe box has a special makeup product beside the Star Ranch palette, which Jeffree Star refused to reveal. He added that there are eight products in the box.

The Supreme box has 13 items – four exclusives and two new products where one will be the Star Ranch palette.

The makeup mogul’s make up products are always “approved” by his fans and are never a failure. To make this collection more special, the boxes will contain several exclusive items including:

· Summer Tie Dye Hoodie – $55

· Summer Tie Dye Crop Hoodie – $50

· Summer Tie Dye Cut off Tank – $30

· Summer Tie Dye Lounge Shorts – $35

· Summer Tie Dye Soft Touch Hand Mirror – $25

· Neapolitan Hand Mirror – $30

· Tropical Pop Hand Mirror – $30

· Beach Ball – $10

What are the special prizes you can win in the giveaway?

Special prizes few can win in the giveaway include the Jeffree Star Cosmetics custom beach cruiser, roller skates, bonfire chair set, surfboard and a tent. All the products come in the signature bright pink color.

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