“RIP Conor McGregor’s career” – Logan Paul reacts to the Irishman’s brutal loss at UFC 264

YouTube star Logan Paul claims former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor’s career as a world-class professional fighter is well and truly over. Conor McGregor suffered a massive setback in the main event of UFC 264 against Dustin Poirier.

A fight that promised to be a barnburner ended rather unceremoniously as Conor McGregor broke his leg after rolling his ankle while trying to step back after missing a punch. Dustin Poirier was awarded a TKO victory while Conor McGregor had to leave the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on a stretcher.

Following the shocking aftermath of UFC 264, Logan Paul took to Twitter to express his disbelief at the meteoric rise and devastating fall of ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor. He also said that he feels sad to see McGregor’s career coming to such a tragic conclusion. Paul’s tweet read:

“Damn. crazy to see a star with such a meteoric rise literally plummet into the ground just a few years later. It’s sad tbh. RIP Conor McGregor’s career.”

Is Conor McGregor’s career really over?

Conor McGregor has certainly suffered a great setback at UFC 264, but is it already time to write him out completely? He started off the fight against Poirier looking great. He didn’t get hit with a single calf kick and instead caught Poirier with some vicious ones of his own. He also landed a few good punches that clearly buzzed ‘The Diamond’ during the fight.

While McGregor did endure some heavy punishment at the hands of Poirier, he managed to get back on his feet and almost made it out of the round. Unfortunately, we will never find out what might have gone down in the second round. That said, Dustin Poirier decisively won the first round on all three judges’ scorecards, with two of them even being scored 10-8 in his favor.

UFC president Dana White isn’t satisfied with how the fight ended and is up for re-booking McGregor vs. Poirier once the Irishman heals completely. According to White, there was much more left to unfold in the fight, and Poirier can’t be declared an outright winner. Therefore, the pair should run it back when the time is right.

Knowing Conor McGregor, this certainly wasn’t the last time you’d see him stepping inside the octagon. That’s not how he wants to go out.

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