Rust Developer slams Twitch for banning “WillNeff”, says its “targeted” and ridiculous

Earlier today, Facepunch Studios producer Alastair McFarlane called Twitch “ridiculous” for its decision to ban streamer William “WillNeff” Neff.

WillNeff was banned from Twitch earlier today after hosting a live stream featuring Austin “Mr. Wobbles” O’Brien. Mr. Wobbles was suspended from the platform indefinitely three years ago after freaking out over someone who had allegedly harassed him.

Regardless, Mr. Wobbles’ permanent suspension means that he is not allowed to feature in any other content creator’s streams on the platform. After WillNeff hosted a stream featuring Mr. Wobbles, he was suspended for three days. Now, one of Rust’s developers have slammed Twitch for its decision and claimed that they are “contacting” the platform to overturn the ban.

Rust Developer criticizes Twitch for its decision to ban WillNeff

Since the ban, a number of WillNeff’s supporters have rushed to support the streamer. WillNeff posted a lengthy Twitter thread in which he asked his community not to spread hatred towards the platform, or anybody else that they might think is responsible for the ban. The streamer claimed that he will be back soon, and the suspension is only going to last for three days.

After the stream with Mr. Wobbles, WillNeff was suspended for “aiding account suspension evasion.” He later claimed that it was not Mr. Wobbles’ fault, and suggested that his suspension might bring about “discussions” about permanent suspensions that the platform seems to regularly hand out.

Regardless, it appears as if WillNeff and his community are not the only ones affected by the situation. A Facepunch Studios executive named Alastair McFarlane claimed they were contacting Twitch to sort out the situation. He claimed that the situation appeared ridiculous and claimed that the action taken is extremely “targeted” and “inconsistent.”

WillNeff was interacting with other creators on the Offline TV Rust server while hanging out with Mr. Wobbles. Later, the streamer posted a tearful apology, in which he apologized to Mr. Wobbles and appeared genuinely concerned about the situation.

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