Safaree Says Marriage “Makes Everything Way More Serious Than It Has To Be”

Safaree Samuels is showing his fans a different side of himself than ever before. The Stuntman is usually cracking jokes and spreading love, but the recent turmoil in his relationship with his estranged wife Erica Mena has him singing a totally different tune.

Erica recently filed for divorce from Safaree just after the two announced they were expecting their second child together, and their relationship problems seemed to have worsened after their baby boy was born. As we previously reported, while Safaree and Erica’s son was in the NICU for 10 days after he was born, Safaree was living his best life in Jamaica and it seems like he’s changed his mind about marriage.

Safaree recently sat down with Yung Joc for 94.5 Atlanta and discussed his birthday trip to Jamaica, his upcoming business ventures and the current state of his family. Despite having asked for Erica’s hand in marriage, Safaree told Joc that marriage is just way too serious.

“I think marriage just makes everything way more technical,” he said. “It does. I feel like when you get to live as like boyfriend and girlfriend, like grown man real talk. I know it may sound childish and immature but it’s like, marriage I just feel like it makes everything way more serious than it needs to be.”

Safaree and Erica celebrated their first anniversary back in October and have since expressed issues within their marriage. Safaree even went as far as tweeting that getting married was one of his biggest mistakes, and while speaking with Joc, he said social media makes being a married couple all the more difficult.

“And I know there are some people who are like ‘Oh I’ve been married for 20, 30 years’ alright cool, that’s great, that’s y’all,” he said. “We live in a different era now and especially with this era of social media and people letting it really affect what they do on the daily, it’s not the same, especially being in the public eye.”

Safaree and Erica are currently in the midst of a custody battle as they finalize their divorce.

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