Safaree Shocks People; He Announces That He Is Bleaching His Skin And Gets Massive Backlash From Fans

Safaree just announced that he entered a skin bleaching process and fans not having this. Check out what they told him.

Someone said: ‘This man would always be a dam cornball 😂 I like him thou 😭’ and another follower posted this: ‘I have never seen a grown man be THIS thirsty for attention.’

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One other follwoer said: ‘I know they daughter embarrassed and she don’t even know what embarrassed is yet,’ and one other follower said: ‘He wants exactly what y’all are giving him , ATTENTION.’

One fan said: ‘Why do people wanna bleach their skin so bad 😢? Black is beautiful 🤎’ and a commenter said: ‘bleaching gives me chills!!! I love brownskin people why y’all wanna be so mf light.’

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A commenter said: ‘i dont wanna see 1 michael joke in the comments either.’

Recently, Safaree   shared a video of his daughter and fans cannot have enough of her. Check out the sweet clip below.

‘She loves my goatee 😇 something to warm y’all cold lol hearts,’ Safaree said.

Erica Mena    ‘s split from   Safaree Samuels    has been getting a lot of attention from the public which is unfortunate since all she wants amid her divorce and pregnancy is some peace and quiet.

Furthermore, reports say that the man really wants to be in the delivery room when their baby is born but as far as his estranged wife is concerned, she does not think he should have any say in that.

In other news, Erica Mena   dropped her clothes to impress her fans while advertising some hair products.

‘@vegamour has been a hair game changer! One thing is for sure I’ve come along way in my hair journey! Staying consistent with my hair vitamins. Now having @vegamour as apart of my hair maintenance routine keeps everything in order with my healthy hair journey. Here is how I use all my favorite @vegamour products. ✨ ( I don’t own the rights to this song. Ariana Grande My hair)’ Erica captioned her post.

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