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Sali Kimi, a New Music Release ‘Underwater’

Sali Kimi, a New Music Release ‘Underwater’

Sali Kimi continues to shake up the music business by releasing her new R&B single, “Underwater” Sali Kimi serenades her audience  with her smoothing vocals in this and that’s perfect for the summer. This song has produced and written by Sali Kimi highlights the New York City, Miami based artist’s inventiveness and innovation. She continues to give more of her distinctive sound to her admirers around the world.

The music business has remained active in many areas of the globe  throughout the years, with many young and brilliant musicians  adding some twists and turns to the entertainment sector to carve out a place for themselves. However, many of the works that are filling  the airwaves seem to be devoid of a message. Sali Kimi, a brilliant singer who has managed to deliver hit after hit since her start in the  business, is one artist who is trying to rewrite the history books.

Sali Kimi’s artistic roots were formed at a young age. Early on, she  often performed at sold-out events and festivals internationally.

SPIIKE UP is independent music production and record label owned by Sali Kimi has aided in the remarkable development as

South Korean – American musician. Sali Kimi has evolved into an all-around performer who strives to provide something new, with a unique style that has been her hallmark over the years, influenced by various singers and genres she listened to while growing up back and forth South Korea to United State.

Recently, she launched her own clothing brand where fans can buy merch and her fans show their support through a multitude of ways.

What goes on beyond the stage is only a glimpse at what goes on in this trendsetter’s life.

Take one listen to Underwater understand why Sali’s style is so iconic. Her new album will undoubtedly be one for the books.

Underwater Music by Sali Kimi

“Underwater” the beat starts as if diving into the swimming pool, it is gradual and seductive. It is a charming love tune with melodic

lyrics and the beat and the vocal has own groove, well combined through the entire song. This will offer music fans the most delicate possible start to the summer and no doubt that its unique blend of innovative, engaging, and message-filled material and for the trend across the world. Sali Kimi’s new music available on all platforms

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