School employee slams bosses over critical race theory in resignation letter

A New Hampshire elementary school coordinator trashed his bosses this week in a viral resignation letter, accusing them of endorsing “dehumanization and hatred of white people” in critical race theory training for staff.

“I won’t be pathologized for being White. I won’t be pathologized for being normal. Neither should you,” wrote Daniel Concannon in a June 28 tweet containing his resignation letter. The post has received 1,600 retweets and 4,000 likes.


Concannon, 40, worked in the after-school program at Northwest Elementary School, located in Manchester. The city is a middle-class Democrat stronghold with a population of 77% white.

In his letter that signed off with a “F*** you” flourish, Concannon said one of the CRT sponsors had his office “decorated with celebratory charts of the declining percentage of white people in the United States and Europe.” Concannon sarcastically questioned the validity of critical race theory and listed dozens of nonsensical pronouns — such as fae, virself, what, whatever, xemself, each other, everything, and something — below his signature.

Manchester School District Superintendent John Goldhardt responded with a statement to employees that Concannon also posted on his Twitter.

“The resignation came in the form of an extremely inappropriate letter,” Goldhardt wrote. “The complaint derived from a training session for staff designed to foster critical thinking about race … this district values all members of our community regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.”

Despite this, Concannon said the support he has received from school employees and complete strangers on Twitter has been overwhelming and heartening.

“I heard from teachers that I thought would never in a million years reach out, expressing support, love, and thanks,” he said. “I’m getting messages from moms that didn’t have Twitter, and don’t want Twitter, but they saw my resignation and created an account just to message me. They’re utterly sick of the sickness that’s being pushed on their children and they long to see people take it on.”

Critical race theory has taken hold in New Hampshire schools, prompting the Republican Legislature to pass an anti-critical race theory bill watered down by Gov. Chris Sununu. The new law prohibits “freedom from discrimination” in schools and government agencies without calling out critical race theory by name.

It is unclear if the Manchester School District will continue its training in light of this law. A call to the district office by the Washington Examiner was not returned.

Retired Brig. Gen. Don Bolduc, who is running for a New Hampshire Senate seat in 2022, initiated a program he says empowers parents and grandparents to remove school board members who participate in critical race theory.

“It’s unfortunate that people have to lose their jobs to make a statement,” Bolduc said. “You can’t have an intelligent discussion about your disagreements with the school district or our elected officials without having negative consequences like being attached, losing your job, or feeling intimidated.”


Bolduc blamed Sununu, a Republican, for fostering the situation with a precursor to CRT in 2018 that teaches “Social and Emotional Learning.” ChooSELove training was placed in the schools and “did the exact same thing,” Bolduc said.

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