Covid sent Australia’s carbon emissions plummeting in 2020 to lowest levels in 30 years

The emissions of greenhouse gas in Australia dropped the previous year to a level that was not observed in over 30 years mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic that suspended burning of fossil fuel in transport sector as well as lowered economic activity. The new government data issued on Monday reveals the sectors where the … Read more

New AI supercomputer will help create the largest-ever 3D map of the universe

The latest supercomputer may help solve a few of the most significant questions of astrophysics. As per VentureBeats, the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center officially has dedicated Perlmutter supercomputer to help build the biggest 3-dimensional map of visible universe for studying the dark energy that’s boosting the expansion of cosmos. Perlmutter, dubbed as one … Read more

Scientists unravel noise-assisted signal amplification in systems with memory

The AMOLF researchers are the first ones to probe the role memory plays in the stochastic resonance phenomenon. The study, conducted at one oil-filled optical micro-activity, suggests that the stochastic resonance gets robust to the variations present in signal frequency while the system has memory. That has implications in several fields of energy technology and … Read more