Scientists at Wuhan lab in COVID probe admitted being bitten by bats: reports

The researchers at Chinese lab considered as the probable source of coronavirus epidemic, were earlier filmed getting spattered and bitten with blood as they were handling bats sans any protection, as per reports.

The TV video clip revealed the scientists at WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) disregarding masks, gloves and the other PPE as the handled bats as well as collected feces in fields, noted Taiwan News.

In a section, Cui Jie, the virus expert said associated how the fangs of a bat once went pass his glove, explaining it as a feeling of being jabbed with needle, noted the outlet.

The footage, broadcasted first on 29 Dec, 2017 in China, then cut one person’s limb swollen due to a probable bat bite. The researchers also said that they were spattered completely with blood during their study, as per the Sun.

However, Shi Zhengli, the ‘bat woman’ of the lab at present, dismissed these fears in one since-deleted blog, stating that this work isn’t as dangerous or risky as everything believes it to be, noted Taiwan News.

The possibilities of infected the humans directly is very little, she wrote prior to her lab becoming the focus of attention worldwide due to the pandemic.

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