Shaun King Accused Of Creating Fake Twitter Account To Defend His Actions In Samaria Rice Controversy, He Denies It (Exclusive)

TSR Exclusive Details: Shaun King is under fire once again for allegedly creating a fake account and passing it off as a third party witness to him and Tamir Rice’s mother’s conversation, though he denies it.

Samaria Rice called out Shaun for raising money in Tamir’s name without her permission and shared that their recent conversation was “very toxic and uncomfortable” for her to hear. In turn, Shaun shared a Twitter thread by a woman who only identified as “Nicole” and claimed she was an organizer in Columbus, where Tamir is from.

Folks on Twitter were up in arms after discovering the account mysteriously disappeared after Shaun shared the thread and that the account’s profile pic was of deceased Ohio rapper, Boog the Bandit. People also allege that the woman’s words were very similar to how Shaun speaks.

Shaun tells Stock Market Pioneer he has no idea who the person behind the account is and admits she’s not from his staff. He added that he never assumed that person was using their real name or face, but he said the screenshot of the video meeting he had with Samaria Rice was real and claims he and his team didn’t record the conversation.

“After that meeting, our whole staff got on board to help the Tamir Rice Foundation. It was as perfect as a meeting could be,” Shaun tells us. “We then worked to help them for days. Nobody raised any red flags or anything like that. Then the whole bottom fell out. We were shocked.”

You can check out what Samaria Rice said here:

You can check out Shaun’s initial response to Samaria here:

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