Silicon Valley firms in no hurry to open up offices despite easing of virus ban

Silicon Valley firms in no hurry to open up offices despite easing of virus ban

Many biggest tech firms of San Francisco Bay Area, including Google and Twitter plan on keeping their offices shut for months more though the government, on Tuesday, has allowed them to reopen in limited capacity.

Considering the declining COVID-19 infection rates, Santa Clara and San Francisco counties have eased restrictions that had most office outlets shut entire 2020, excepting the critical support and security staff.

From Wednesday, firms are permitted to reopen their office till 1/4th of their employee capacity.

However, the Silicon Valley firms that committed previous year to permit employees to remain home till this summer said that they abided to their timelines. These firms cited their personal evaluation of public health information, other safety measures as well as workers’ preferences. The adoption of vaccinations, which are accessible in California to just the vulnerable population, is also one factor.

File-storage service Dropbox and Networking gear manufacturer Cisco Systems said that their mandatory policy of work from home would continue to remain effective until this June. Box Inc, on the other hand, said that it would reopen its office in September.

Pinterest is not seeking a major reopening until August at least, DocuSign not before October and Google until September.

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