Singer Cheryl Has a Wonderful Piece of Advice for People Who Have Gained Weight During COVID-19 Lockdown

Singer Cheryl has a piece of advice for people who have gained weight during the coronavirus lockdown. According to Daily Mail, Cheryl in an interview with Marie Claire urged people to change their mindset around food. “We can be very, very harsh on ourselves. And for what? Look at that shame and guilt. No, you didn’t have a good week, you just changed your lifestyle. I think that’s a really good thing – to shift your frame of mind from being so extreme and putting that pressure on yourself,” Cheryl quoted as a saying. Demi Lovato Says Complimenting Someone on Weight Loss Might Be ‘Harmful’.

“Just live your life. If you want spaghetti Carbonara, have the spaghetti Carbonara. Nobody cares. You might have a little muffin at the end of the week, but nobody cares,” she added. Cheryl also shared how she motivated her sister-in-law to not feel sad over gaining weight. “I had this conversation with my sister-in-law last week. She keeps saying that her jeans don’t fit anymore. I said, ‘ok, get the bigger size.” Blake Shelton Reveals He Wants to Lose Weight Before Marrying Gwen Stefani.

Your wardrobe doesn’t fit – let’s accept that. Get some new ones. Are you happier like this? Does anything else matter? Get the size 27 – no one cares’,” she added. Cheryl is best known for singing tracks like ‘Fight for this love’, ‘Call my name’ and ‘Love made me do it ‘ among many others.

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