Snapchat’s map now helps you keep track of where you’ve been

Snapchat is updating its in-app map to help users keep track of places they’ve visited, and where they may want to go next. An update rolling out today adds a new “Places” section to the map, with educated sections for recommendations, locations you’ve visited and “favorites” to remember.

The idea is similar to Foursquare (the original check-in based iteration), except “checking in” in this case consists of tagging a specific location in a Snap. Places you’ve tagged are automatically saved in your “visited” tab, but you can also manually add establishments to your “favorites” list. Interestingly, Snap is also using the new feature to generate recommendations. The “popular” section of the map will surface a list of personalized suggestions based on places you’ve been and what’s popular in your area.

Though the Snap Map has been around the company has been working to make it more useful — and more visible — within the app. The company gave the feature more prominent placement in last year, and plans to add , a feature that allows third-parties like Ticketmaster to incorporate events and other content directly into the map.

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