Soulja Boy Calls Out Bow Wow Over The 2017 ‘Bow Wow Challenge’

We’re just days away from the highly awaited ‘Verzuz’ battle between Bow Wow and Soulja Boy and the shade keeps coming. It seems like the back-and-forth between the rappers has been ongoing for weeks throughout our timelines. Still, folks don’t seem to be disinterested, especially when they can expect Soulja to pull out receipts for any and everything! Earlier today, Soulja took us down memory lane and called out Bow over his viral ‘Bow Wow Challenge’ that broke the internet back in 2017!

If you recall, Bow shared a photo on the ‘gram claiming he was on a private jet traveling from Atlanta to New York, but someone called cap on social media and exposed him by sharing a photo of Bow on the same commercial flight.

Bow wasted no time and clapped back on Twitter. “Soulja, just stop, like literally stop… The difference is with me, and you are… YOU HAVE TO PUT OUT MUSIC. I don’t. I’ll be in the box office this weekend while you sit at home in your living room yelling on live at no one,” Bow tweeted. He continued calling him out for not getting the bag when it comes to the Millennium Tour, which they are both featured on. “Soulja, I know how much you’re getting paid on the Millennium Tour… You’ll make more money being my assistant. Play fair. See you Saturday, Lil brother. #Headliners vs. #Openingacts.”

Several laughing emojis were dropped in our comment section over the men’s antics. However, one Roommate seemed to have Soulja’s back and referred to the tweet Soulja made last week revealing his net worth was significantly more than Bow.  According to Celebrity Net, Soulja is worth $30 million compared to Bow’s $1.5 million.

Roommates pettiness aside, who do you think will come out on top this Saturday during Verzuz?

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