Space junk slams into space station, leaving gaping hole in robotic arm

The collision of a space junk has resulted in the development of a hole in ISS (International Space Station).

A small piece of the floating space junk struck one of the robotic arms on the station and caused visible damage.

As per CSA (Canadian Space Agency), the affected robotic arm is latched onto the exterior body of the station and one tiny section of this arm has endured damage.

The problem was noticed first during one routine inspection conducted on 12 May.

The affected arm, known as Canadarm 2, has continually been completing tasks as well as planned operations.

The CSA showed the shocking damage in one recent blog post and said that while precautions are undertaken to lower the possibilities of collisions with the station, the impacts with small objects do cause a problem.

The experts from Nasa and CSA worked together for taking detailed pictures of the region and study the impact that took place on one of the boom segments of the Canadarm2.

In spite of the impact, the results of ongoing study show that the performance of the arm remains unaffected, the CSA said.

Notably, Nasa is believed to monitor more than 27,000 space junk prices so as to try and predict or prevent possible collisions.

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