Spider-Man: No Way Home Spider-suits, plot details revealed in new toys

Marvel fans got a sneak peek at new details from Spider-Man: No Way Home on Friday — not in the form of a new trailer, but through new toy reveals from Lego, Funko, and Hasbro. Those new toys, revealed officially through Marvel, showcase at least two new suits Peter Parker could sport in the third Spider-Man MCU film, which debuts in December.

In other words, if you’d prefer to go into Spider-Man: No Way Home sartorially unspoiled, turn away now. But if you have strong opinions about Spider-suits, enjoy an eyeful of new superhero costumes. You might just see Doctor Strange holding a snow shovel along the way!

First up, the classic red and blue Spider-Man suit appears to be due for a slight tweak in No Way Home, as the ol’ webhead is adding some gold accents to the costume, based on new artwork.

Product art for the Lego Spider-Man: No Way Home Sanctum Workshop set

Image: Lego/Marvel

An action figure of Spider-Man from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Image: Hasbro/Marvel

A Funko Pop of Spider-Man

Image: Funko/Marvel

It appears that Spider-Man’s co-star in No Way Home, Doctor Strange, may give Peter Parker some supernatural suit upgrades, based on the mystical art incantations seen in that Funko Pop. It also appears that, based on the above Lego set, that Spider-Man, Strange, Wong, and MJ could face a scorpionlike threat in Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum Workshop. Mac Gargan, is that you?!

Parker’s also getting a slick black and gold suit for No Way Home, which appears to have visible integrated circuitry — possibly for contending with electrically powered villains.

Lego toys and figures from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Image: Lego/Marvel

A posed action figure of Spider-Man in a black and gold suit from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Image: Hasbro/Marvel

An action figure of Spider-Man from No Way Home

Image: Hasbro/Marvel

(Note that the above Lego set featuring black-and-gold Spidey and the Vulture is supposedly “inspired by Spider-Man: Homecoming,” so don’t take it as confirmation that Adrian Toomes is busting out of prison for an appearance in No Way Home.)

Finally, it appears that Doctor Stephen Strange will acquire a snow shovel (and snow-shoveling-appropriate footwear) in Spider-Man: No Way Home, an important upgrade for the Sorcerer Supreme. Strange does live in a New York City brownstone, of course, and is responsible for clearing his own sidewalk.

A Funko Pop of Dr. Strange from Spider-Man: No Way Home

Image: Funko/Marvel

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits movie theaters Dec. 17. The film will pick up where 2019’s Far From Home left off, with Peter Parker’s secret identity as Spider-Man having been revealed by J. Jonah Jameson.

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