Su-ryeon learned the truth about Seok-kyung being her biological child, but is it too late?

Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7 saw Lee Ji-ah plan and execute the downfall of Ju Dan-tae meticulously

She changed her looks to seem like Na Ae-kyo (Lee Ji-ah) and also took Ma-ri’s (Shin Eun-kyung) help to lobby against Dan-tae’s (Uhm Ki-joon) bid for a leg up in his business.

She ruined all his plans to profit off of a piece of land. She also ensured that no one could help him out of the trap that she had set, except herself. She is enraged at Dan-tae for having killed Logan and Yoon-hui.

To top this off, she also learned from Seok-hoon that Seok-kyung had been sent to Italy. So all of the rage that she had packed up so far was manifested when she decided to make a move against Dan-tae.

Su-ryeon’s plan against Dan-tae works partly in Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7

When Ma-ri brought her proof of Dan-tae’s involvement, she decided not to go the legal route. From the outcome of her plan against him in Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7 she was right.

She managed to bring Dan-tae down and make him kneel.

He believed that he had loaned money from one of the three women of rich conglomerates in the country. The truth is far from it. Su-ryeon met Chairwoman Song Hee-soo and plotted another trap.

After having dealt with Dan-tae enough times, she was aware that this time she would need something big.

However, this won’t be the last of Dan-tae. It was revealed in Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7 that he had a grudge against Su-ryeon’s father. One that went back to the time when he was a child.

Despite his begging, Su-ryeon’s father had men destroy a building in which Dan-tae’s mother and sister had been asleep.

So far till Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7, everything that Dan-tae had planned was in revenge. That included the truth that was buried along with Yoon-hui.

Su-ryeon gets shocking news from Yoon-hui’s recorder in Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7

The truth about Seok-kyung that Dan-tae had hidden from Su-ryeon finally was revealed to her in Penthouse 3: War in Life, episode 7. In her watch’s recorder, Yoon-hui addressed a note to Su-ryeon and told her that Seok-kyung was Sol-ah’s twin and her biological daughter.

Of course, what happens after this would be interesting, considering how Seok-kyung is now imprisoned. She believed she was headed to Italy, but instead was sent to what looked like a disciplinary home for underage girls.

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