Sunny Shores POI, Event Teaser leak, Storm King spotted and more

The Ariana Grande Fortnite skin was leaked a while back, alongside a teaser for the Rift Tour event. In addition to the teaser and skin, leakers and fans alike have begun finding and noticing little Easter eggs within the former as well.

While this is nothing new for Fortnite players, the content of these Easter eggs is rather peculiar, as they depict past events and those that are yet to come to fruition.

While these Easter eggs may just be dead ends or added to the teaser to increase the hype, given Epic Games’ unpredictable nature, they may just come true in the coming weeks.

Fortnite Season 7 Ariana Grande Rift Tour event Easter eggs and leaks send fans into a frenzy

1) Rift Tour: Hype video

Prominent Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey, with the help of GTatrixGames, obtained leaked footage for the upcoming rift event and shared it on Twitter. A rift can be seen in the video opening up within the new alien abductor located over the Aftermath.

As the name suggests, to partake in the Rift Tour, gamers will more than likely have to enter the rift and will be teleported to a different reality in Fortnite. Within this dark reality, the Ariana Grande concert will take place.

2) Storm King

One of the Easter eggs spotted in the Fortnite Rift Tour event hype video featured a well-known entity from the metaverse known as the Storm King. The entity was first featured in Save the World mode and was later even brought into Fortnite Battle Royale during the Fortnitemares event.

Given that recent leaks suggest the possibility of a new Fortnitemares event, alongside the return of Kevin the Cube, it may be possible that players will once more be able to take on the mighty Storm King for unique rewards.

3) Sunny Shores

In addition to leaking the event teaser, iFireMonkey even noticed that the water at Believer Beach within the teaser had gone missing.

While this may have been funny, a fan took note of it and stated that water from Slurpy Swamp had also gone missing. Given that the alien Mothership will abduct Slurpy Swamp, this would mean that the POIs shown in the teaser are showcasing early map changes that will occur after the in-game event.

Fans might have gotten a first look at the POI known as Sunny Shores, currently called Believer Beach if this is the case. Based on past leaks, loopers will have a challenge during Week 11 at Sunny Shores, indicating that POI changes will be coming during the Fortnite 17.40 update.

Fun fact: Sunny Shores was supposed to be the name of a POI for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, but was scrapped or changed. It looks like the name will finally come into use this season.

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