Tabitha Brown’s ‘Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning’ Sells Out In 39 Minutes!

Tabitha Brown is having another good week. After celebrating her husband’s retirement last week, the influencer launched her new seasoning and it sold out in less than an hour.

Tabitha’s launched her “Sunshine All Purpose Seasoning” in partnership with McCormick and it sold out in 39 minutes!

Tabitha took to social media and wrote, “Sold out in 39 minutes. I am overwhelmed by the response to #SunshineSeasoning!!! Unfortunately, the next blend isn’t immediately available.”

She stated, “Stay tuned for updates this Fall,” and she instructed those who were interested to sign up to receive newsletters about the seasoning.

When the link to the seasoning is selected, McCormick’s website states, “Sunshine Seasoning is all sold out, but we’re already working to blend more,” and the site indicates that this upcoming fall season there will be more available. 

For the past few weeks, Tabitha has been showcasing the seasoning with cooking videos. She highlighted many ways to use the seasoning for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As you know, she recently had a few calming words for Wendy Williams after the talk show host stated that retiring her husband wasn’t a good idea.

Wendy stated, “Nope I was married to one of those.” She then proceeded to say, “I predict that this marriage is going to be on real rocky ground,” as she assumed that Tabitha and her husband would experience marital issues due to money.

Tabitha took to Instagram to pray for Wendy in response and in part said, “23 years I’ve been with my husband. Broke for a very long time together, struggled for a very long time together. Succeeded for the last couple of years together. My husband took a job in agreeance with me. He took a job 15 years ago to help support my dream, and I know you may not know what that looks like in a genuine place.”

She continued, “I pray that love finds you, true love,” she said. “I pray it finds you and holds you tight. I pray that someone will love you enough to see you when you are not well. To see you when you need true support, to see you when you need compassion, to see you when you need kindness.”

Roomies, did you get yours?


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