Tekashi 6ix9ine Disputes Claims Of Not Providing For His Child

Tekashi 6ix9ine took the time to speak on his relationship with his five-year-old daughter Saraiya, and her mother Sara Molina, among other things, on the debut episode of DJ Akademiks’ podcast ‘Off The Record.’ In the over 1hr episode that dropped Wednesday, Tekashi disputed claims made by Sara that he was a deadbeat dad.

Things have been tense with Tekashi and Sara for a while. Last year Sara was on an episode of the ‘No Jumper’ podcast and aired out the ‘Zaza’ rapper for not providing for his daughter and another child he doesn’t claim. In addition, Sara claimed that he and his family tried to use their daughter in court to get sympathy from a judge while facing multiple charges.

However, while on the podcast, Tekashi addressed Sara’s previous claims and shut them down. While speaking to Wack 100, a guest on the show, Tekashi held up his phone and showed several pictures of his daughter while telling Wack about the items he purchased. As the podcast continued, Tekashi that although it’s a chaperoned visit, his mother sees his daughter every week.

He furthered detailed his nonexistent co-parenting relationship with Sara, saying that he deserves to have his child whenever he wants and that he isn’t going to be a father on anyone else’s terms. In the past, Sara has been public about not wanting her daughter around Tekashi due to safety concerns because of his online trolling. In an Instagram video, she said, “Now, my daughter is being brought into some s**t that has nothing to do with her, and it’s understandable like I’m not saying in any way, shape, or form is it ok to like call someone’s child out their name, but her hand was like forced bro, and I can’t do anything but understand it. You feel me?”

Currently, Sara hasn’t responded, but we’ll keep you posted if she does.

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