Tel Aviv Pride Parade marred with 50 arrests of protesters

About 50 people were arrested in Tel Aviv Friday as police say they thwarted multiple attempts to disrupt an LGBTQ+ Pride parade, while a long-dormant movement resurfaced to protest the event.

Police say they arrested two residents of the Palestinian Authority who were in Israel illegally and carrying a knife, the Jerusalem Post reports. A Tel Aviv resident was arrested with a Taser, nunchucks, steel chains and an assortment of other weapons.

Thousands of people had descended on the city to celebrate at the parade.

Among those arrested was a couple who attacked a police officer while protesting the event.

Opposition to the parade was led by the Hazon movement, “which has been largely inactive for over a year” according to The Jerusalem Post.

Israelis take part in Tel Aviv's annual Pride Parade
Thousands of people gathered in Tel Aviv for the LGBTQ+ Pride parade.
Amir Levy/Getty Images
Police said they arrested around 50 people who tried to disrupt the parade.
Police said they arrested around 50 people who tried to disrupt the parade.
Corinna Kern/Reuters
People take part in the annual Pride Parade, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
A report said the Hazon movement was responsible for the opposition to the event.
Oded Balilty/AP

The group appeared on Friday to protest with a person descending over the parade with a parachute that read “Father + Mother = Family.”

“We will get to as many people as possible with our message; it is our right to protest legitimately and legally against these abomination parades,” said Rabbi Dror Aryeh, one of the leaders in the Hazon movement.

Police say the 50 arrests were for attempting to cause harm or commit violence at the parade. The suspects will reportedly be brought to court for hearings to extend their arrests.


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