What is TemDAO & How does TemDao Coin work?

What is TemDAO?

TemDAO is developing cooperative ecosystems so that parties involved in heritage conservation may cooperate quickly to safeguard or bring priceless cultural assets back to the public’s attention. By transforming intellectual property and its evolution into a liquid and accessible asset, we are connecting top teams to funding. For example, as one of the currencies for IP-NFT transactions, $TEM is essential.



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TemDAO, a DAO accelerator for global heritage protection and development, finances and supports future builders in world heritage through DAOs working on a variety of domains and infrastructural projects. TemDAO offers a starting point, tools, mentorship, a network of shared resources, and a collection of legal and smart contracts for DAOs. Our objective is to make it possible for all tourist destinations and world heritage sites to use IP-NFTs to finance, manage, and develop intellectual property globally, triggering a Cambrian boom of digital IP assets.

How does TemDao work?

TemDAO is the first global legacy protection and development DAO. It developed the IP-NFT framework and other fundamental infrastructure, laying the groundwork for the next generation of culture and history builders. We are thrilled to be able to provide money and direct support services through TemDAO to anyone who wants to work to create the world heritage of the future.

Now – TemDao is the current price.

TemDAO is a decentralized membership collective that finances the creation and protection of cultural and world heritage assets. Its goal is to advance open and democratic world heritage development and protection. Members of TemDAO will oversee the organization’s structure and decision-making procedures, and TemDAO will own the intellectual property assets resulting from the projects it supports. TemDAO members can sign up by paying for TEM tokens or obtaining them by contributing labour or intellectual property.

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Temdao’s coin price today is $0.098193,3.74 million. down 4% from the previous day. The market value of Temdao is unknown. TEM volume for one day is $3.74M. It is ranked 1876 in terms of market capitalization. Temdao is traded on one exchange, with KuCoin ($3.74 million) being the most popular one. Temdao has had 0% transparent volume over the past day and has been trading on 1 active market, with USDT ($3.74M) being its most active trading pair.

TEM is a crucial component of the entire system. Fundraising, proposal governance, IP-NFT trade, discussion, resource sharing, and project evaluation can all be started with it. TemDAO coin is currently trading at $ 0.0831, down -25.1% in the last 24 hours. The all-time high (ATH) of TemDAO was $0.122 on December 29, 2022, and it is presently down by 31.8%. It is traded on 1 market and 1 exchange, with Kucoin being the busiest of these.

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