Texas parents shoot ‘peeping Tom’ outside daughter’s window

Don’t mess with these Texas parents.

A husband and wife in Houston chased down an alleged “peeping Tom” lurking outside their 10-year-old daughter’s bedroom window — and shot him, authorities said.

The couple said they heard their daughter scream late Sunday when she spotted the man touching himself, local reports said.

“She looks over at the window and this guy is at her window,” the girl’s mother, who asked not to be identified, told KPRC-TV.

“He took my daughter’s innocence away.”

Armed with handguns, the parents rushed out of their house and went after the creep, who was apparently intoxicated, the reports said.

The father said that he and his wife ordered the sicko to lie down in the yard and wait for police to arrive — but the man refused and walked to a nearby gas station.

The couple followed him, and the dad went inside the station to call 911 while the mom held up the suspect outside.

But the perp allegedly wrestled the gun out of the woman’s hands and pointed it at her — which is when her husband shot him, according to the reports.

The suspect was hit at least three times and was at a hospital in critical but stable condition, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said. His name has not been released.

Deputies said the incident will be referred to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to be reviewed by a grand jury. Officials noted that both the mom and dad are licensed handgun carriers.

“We didn’t want this guy to get shot,” the mom told KPRC-TV. “We were waiting for police to detain him because I’m pretty sure if he did this to my children, he’s doing it to a lot of other children out here.”

She added: “We are praying for the suspect and we are also praying for his family.”

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