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The backstage interaction between Donald Trump and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 264

Jorge Masvidal (L) and Donald Trump (R) via Instagram

Jorge Masvidal was one of the celebrities present cageside during the star-studded affair at UFC 264.

Another famous person present was former US president Donald Trump, who also appears to have a special fondness for Masvidal. The UFC welterweight fighter has always been vocal in his support for Donald Trump and vice versa.

In recent footage from UFC 264, the former Republican president can be seen seeking out Jorge Masvidal to greet him personally.

Trump is initially seen leading an entourage with Dana White as they went looking for someone. When Masvidal suddenly walked up to them, White revealed that they had been looking for the BMF title holder. Lauding Jorge Masvidal, Donald Trump told Dana White:

“Great champ. Give him a lot of money.”

Donald Trump recently thanked Jorge Masvidal at a rally

Jorge Masvidal first opened up about his political leanings ahead of the US election last year and revealed that he was backing Donald Trump for re-election.

Since then, Masvidal has remained a loyal supporter of Trump’s camp, making appearances at various rallies. Masvidal was also the surprise guest speaker at the ‘Fighters Against Socialism’ event at the Wings Over Miami Museum alongside Donald Trump and Senator Marco Rubio.

Returning the favor, Donald Trump has publicly thanked Jorge Masvidal for his unwavering support on multiple occasions. Trump even congratulated Masvidal for his record-breaking knockout of Ben Askren in one of his presidential speeches.

Most recently, Donald Trump praised Masvidal during a 4th of July speech in Sarasota, Florida. Thanking ‘Gamebred’ for giving Republicans a fighting chance in Miami, Trump said:

“I also want to thank a man who is a true fighter. You do not want to fight with him. These are tough guys, but don’t fight with this guy – Jorge Masvidal – because he brought Miami to a level that nobody thought a Republican could get to. Jorge, I want to thank you very much, you are really – he is truly a warrior. Even our folks from Congress would say Jorge is a warrior.”

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