The best board game and escape room deals of Amazon Prime Day 2021

Below you’ll find our curated list of the best Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on June 21. Since the discounts during this sales event can change throughout June 21-22, the prices listed below may not match the current price on Amazon. Some may maintain their price throughout the sale, while others might have reduced prices at certain times. Check these links often if you aren’t finding the best deal yet.

If you’ve caught on to the board gaming bug — or stumbled into the at-home escape room fad — then we have good news. Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here and there’s some very good deals on a selection of popular titles. We’ve pored over everything being discounted, and these are our best recommendations for what to pick up.

Fantasy Flight Games leads the pack this year with the most extensive list of award-winning board games. That includes titles like Mysterium and KeyForge, the first procedurally generated collectible card game. You can also add Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition to your collection for a song.

Next up, Z-Man Games would love you to try out Pandemic Legacy. Both Season 1 and Season 0, the epic prequel released in 2020, are on sale. You’ll also find a selection of at-home escape rooms from the Exit series on sale as well.

Finally, if you’ve not played The Crew: Quest For Planet Nine, then you’re really missing out. The card game has received both the coveted Kennerspiel des Jahres and the American Tabletop Award for best Casual Game.

We’ll be updating this post throughout Monday and Tuesday with any notable new deals that come online.

Board games

7 Wonders Duel — $16.99 (51% off)

Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game — $12.79 (49%)

Carcassone Big Box (base game plus 11 expansions) — $57.49 (14% off)

Disney Villainous: Evil Comes Prepared (Scar, Ratigan, and Yzma) — $7.99 (68% off)

Dixit $19.49 (51%)

Eldritch Horror — $32.49 (46% off)

A set of Disney Villainous set up for play.

Image: Ravensburger

Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition — $12.99 (35% off)

Forbidden Island — $13.89 (31% off)

Forbidden Desert — $17.39 (30% off)

Keyforge: Mass Mutation — $19.99 (20% off)

Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven Commander Deck Bundle — $89.99 (44% off)

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising Set Booster Box — $79.99 (8% off)

Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power (Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Taskmaster, and Killmonger) — $15.46 (56% off)

Mysterium — $32.99 (40% off)

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (blue) — $59.99 (25% off)

Pandemic Legacy Season 0 — $54.90 (31% off)

Scrabble Deluxe Edition — $27.99 (35% off)

Sushi Roll: The Sushi Go! Dice Game — $15.19 (39% off)

The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine — $10.49 (30% off)

Throw Throw Burrito: Extreme Outdoor Edition — $13.99 (54% off)

Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition — $95.89 (34% off)

Escape room games

Escape The Room: The Cursed Dollhouse — $29.99 (30% off)

Exit: The House of Riddles — $9.99 (33% off)

Exit: The Stormy Flight — $9.69 (35% off)

Exit: The Sunken Treasure — $8.99 (39% off)

Exit: The Enchanted Forest — $10.39 (30% off)

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