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The best moveset for Salamence

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Doesn’t matter whether it’s in the main series game or Pokemon GO, Salamence is always a force to be reckoned with in any format.

In terms of Pokemon GO specifically, its offensive capabilities rival those of the most respected legendary Dragons roaming around Ultra League and Master League. With 277 Attack, Salamence is stronger than even Dragonite, another dominant Dragon-type Pokemon. Not only is it strong, but 221 Stamina will allow it to take a decent amount of hits without severe health loss. Any trainer with a Salamence and this moveset is on their way to getting more wins in PvP.

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What should this Pokemon use to dominate PvP?

Dragon Tail, arguably the best Dragon-type quick move in the game, should be a staple on any Salamence. Very few other moves are going to match the damage output of 15 plus STAB. It is also decently fast (1100ms), which is uncharacteristic of other high damaging quick moves in the game. In addition to that, it charges 8.2 energy.

Salamence’s best charge move is Outrage, but it requires an Elite TM to learn. Outrage is a phenomenal move, as it has 110 base power, only needs 50 energy to use and is on the movepools of many strong Dragon-type Pokemon like Salamence. Considering that its other charge moves are Fire Blast, Hydro Pump and Draco Meteor, Outrage is the only cheap option in terms of energy.

Of course, not every trainer has an Elite TM handy. In this case, Draco Meteor is a fine replacement. Despite the energy cost, it’s still an incredibly punishing attack. If trainers are serious about using Salamence to go far in PvP, though, it might be worth waiting to get an Elite TM. Salamence becomes all the more powerful with Outrage.

The second charge move that Salamence really wants is Fire Blast. It’s not the best option, but it allows Salamence to deal with Steel-type Pokemon, who are common safe swaps for Salamence’s Dragon attacks. This move could give Salamence favorable match ups against Pokemon like Metagross and Magnezone.

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