The best moveset for Togekiss in Pokemon GO

Togekiss is an exceptionally useful Fairy/Flying-type in Pokemon GO. In order to be most effective, it’s important for players to know the Pocket Monster’s best moveset.

The Pokemon has solid stats all the way around with a 225 in Attack, 198 in Stamina, and 217 in Defense.

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Which attacks does a trainer want their Togekiss to know in Pokemon GO?

It’s important for Pokemon GO gamers to be aware of Togekiss’ weaknesses so they avoid using the Pokemon in certain situations. Togekiss is weak against Electric, Ice, Poison, Rock, and Steel-type attacks used against it in battle.

However, Togekiss will really come in handy when used against Bug, Dragon, Fighting, Ground, Dark, and Grass-type Pokemon. The dual Fairy/Flying-type has built-in resistances against those types of attacks.

The best fast move for Togekiss

Togekiss will be best equipped in battle if it knows the Fairy-type attack, Charm, as its quick move. This move takes advantage of the crucial Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB). Charm has a 1.5 second cooldown time and deals 20 base damage.

The best charged move for Togekiss

The best charged move for Togekiss to pair with Charm is the Fairy-type attack, Dazzling Gleam. This move will also benefit from STAB and will be boosted by Cloudy weather. Dazzling Gleam deals 100 damage and costs 50 energy.

Ultimately, this is the best moveset for Togekiss to know in Pokemon GO as a Fairy-type attacker. This combination gives the Pokemon a very solid 15.27 DPS. If players wanted to utilize Togekiss as a Flying-type, the best moveset would be Air Slash paired with Aerial Ace.

Alternatively, if a trainer wants their Togekiss to be as versatile as possible, they would want it to know Hidden Power and Dazzling Gleam.

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