The Bollywood Boyz recall the legendary Triple H vs. Jinder Mahal match in India (Exclusive)

In December 2017, Triple H and Jinder Mahal went to war in New Delhi at the WWE Live Supershow. Triple H would end up winning the match and then celebrate with Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers, eventually walking away after delivering a Pedigree.

The Bollywood Boyz remember that event with great fondness. They said as much to Sportskeeda Wrestling during an exclusive interview.

Why did Triple H beat Jinder Mahal in India?

When asked why Triple H defeated Jinder Mahal in India, both brothers said they had no insight into the matter. That said, it was a massive opportunity for them, in the words of Harv Sihra.

“That was the closest thing we felt to being massive stars. It was insane, man. It was humbling and it was surreal and it was a culmination of the three of us together and that was brought to the forefront in India. It was so cool,” said Harv Sihra.

Generally, the hometown hero usually goes over the foreign heel at such ‘Supershows’. Such wasn’t the case on this occasion with Triple H winning. Because Harv and Gurv Sihra are such massive wrestling fans, they were just thankful to be there. Gurv Sihra further commented on the match and said the following words:

“What you’ve also got to remember is that Hunter’s been on TV for 25+ years in India. Him, Taker, Shawn. Kids like us they’re out there. We’re just appreciative of the spotlight and making the most of it,” said Gurv Sihra.

The Bollywood Boyz were released from their contract in June 2021 (Jinder Mahal now teams with Veer and Shanky) but as they told us, they’re not discouraged. A whole world of opportunities awaits them outside of the WWE system and we at Sportskeeda Wrestling wish them all the success in the world.

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