“The crowd was so obnoxious”

A lot of people believe the heart and soul of NXT was the live crowd at Full Sail University, but former WWE writer Vince Russo definitely disagrees. So much so, it turned him off from watching the product.

Vince Russo was a guest on the Such Good Shoot Podcast to discuss his WWE career. When he was asked if he watches the NXT product at all, his response was certainly surprising.

“Bro, I’ve probably seen a total of five NXT shows,” Vince Russo revealed. “Bro, I’ll be honest with you. You know a lot of people were telling me early on, ‘You need to watch NXT!’ Okay, bro…I’ll watch NXT. Bro, I was so turned off by the crowd. And the crowd was so obnoxious. I couldn’t watch it anymore, bro. Like I just I could not watch that show anymore.”

“Charlotte was there” – Vince Russo on the time he stopped watching WWE NXT

Vince Russo was then asked to pinpoint at what era of WWE NXT this was; he confirmed that both Charlotte Flair and Kevin Owens were there and that Sami Zayn had just captured the NXT Championship.

“Charlotte was there,” Vince Russo recalled. “Bro, I even think I watched around the time where Kevin Owens came in for the first time. Sami was the champion, and bro, that crowd was so obnoxious I did not enjoy watching it.”

The NXT crowds at the Capitol Wrestling Center are certainly a lot more subdued than they were at Full Sail. Maybe now would be a good time for Vince Russo to check out the black and gold brand once again.

Are you surprised that the NXT crowd turned Vince Russo off? Do you think the crowd at Full Sail took away from the product during that time period? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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