The guys get older, the stunts stay just as insane as ever

“Concussions aren’t great,” O.G. Jackass stuntman Steve-O puts oh-so-mildly in the first trailer for Jackass Forever, the MTV favorite-turned-film series’ fifth big-screen offering. “But as long as you have them before you’re 50, it’s cool. And [Johnny Knoxville’s] 49.”

That’s right: The Jackass crew is turning old, and they know it.

They also look it. Knoxville, the franchise’s most famous face, has even noticeably entered the “silver fox” phase of his showbiz career since the last time we saw him.

But from the first looks of Forever, their first cinematic entry since 2013’s Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, the treacherous, ridiculous, oftentimes hilariously pain-inducing stunts are not showing any signs of mellowing with age.

Knoxville himself gets shot out of a rocket (wearing angel wings, natch) and flipped over by a raging bull, failed-matador style. There’s an exploding toilet. There are electric shocks, softball pitches to the crotch, tarantulas and snakes.

There are cameos from Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa, Eric Andre (who recently collaborated with Jackass co-creator and longtime producer Jeff Tremaine on last year’s Bad Trip), rappers Tyler the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly, and a bear left alone with a man strapped into a chair and covered with honey and salmon.

So yep, the Jackass crew is not going quietly into retirement.

“A lot of people ask, ‘What will Jackass be like once we’re older?'” stunt performer Chris Pontius shares in the trailer. “Well, it’ll get more mature.”

Social media users appear to approve of their “maturation.”

Jackass Forever opens Oct. 22.

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