The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is now available separately for $149

A few months after it introduced new Touch ID-enabled along with M1 Macs, Apple is now selling the peripheral separately. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID costs while a version with a number pad can be all yours for . It’s worth noting the Touch ID functions only work on M1-powered Macs.

Along with helping you log in to your Mac without having to punch in a password, you can use to verify Apple Pay transactions. For now, the standalone version of the Magic Keyboard is only available in the standard silver and white color scheme. You won’t be able to snag it in one of those funky M1 iMac-inspired designs without shelling out for a new computer. 

Apple Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Number Pad


has also refreshed several other Magic accessories. The standard Magic Keyboard now has keys for Spotlight, dictation, do not disturb and emoji, as do the Touch ID-equipped models. The Magic Trackpad, meanwhile, has a tweaked shape to match the Magic Keyboard. 

All of these accessories, as well as the Magic Mouse, now come with a braided USB-C to Lightning cable rather than the old Lightning to USB-A one. Apple says the accessories can run for around a month, if not longer, on a single charge.

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