The New Jersey Man Who Was Arrested After His Racist Rant Went Viral Is Now Facing New Weapons & Drugs Charges

Whew! Edward Matthews, a white man from New Jersey who went viral for spewing racial slurs to his Black neighbor that eventually got him arrested, is now facing more charges.

According to the Daily Mail, Edward Mathews, 45, now faces charges of “stalking, drug and weapons possession.”

In addition to being charged for harassment, bias intimidation, and assault, Mathews also faces “two counts of criminal mischief and charges of possession of a weapon — a slingshot — for an unlawful purpose, possession and intent to distribute a controlled, dangerous substance, stalking, unlawful possession of a weapon and drug paraphernalia charges.”

After the initial incident, Prosecutor Scott A. Coffina stated, “I want to especially commend the victim who showed incredible restraint with somebody spewing awful, vile things in his face. Assaulting him,” Coffina said Monday evening at a press conference.”

As previously reported, a viral video from Friday of Edward Mathews went viral after he was caught harassing his neighbor, and telling him to learn the laws because “this is not Africa” and called the Black man a “monkey.” 

As the incident continued, Edward encouraged people to come see him if they had an issue. He even gave out his address. A few hours later, folks rolled up on him and proceeded to protest just as he asked them to. 

Several protestors were outside of Edward’s home chanting “No justice, no peace,” with their fists raised in the air during the protest.

He was later arrested, as previously mentioned.

Roommates, what do y’all think about this?

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